When one thinks of Fethiye, images of Ölüdeniz's tranquil waters and the majestic Lycian Way might come to mind. But this Turkish gem has so much more to offer. In this guide, we venture beyond the typical tourist spots and delve into Fethiye's lesser-known attractions and experiences. Let's uncover Fethiye's best-kept secrets.

  1. Afkule Monastery Perched high up on the cliffs, the Afkule Monastery is a place of solace and history. Built by monks seeking seclusion, the panoramic views of the Mediterranean from here are awe-inspiring. Wander through its ancient ruins and feel a deep sense of peace.

  2. Kadıköy Antique City While many flock to the famous ruins around Fethiye, Kadıköy remains a hidden jewel. Wander around the remnants of bathhouses, temples, and theaters while soaking in the tranquil ambiance, free from large tourist crowds.

  3. Akmaz Beach Skip the busy beaches and find your way to Akmaz Beach. With its pristine waters and quiet charm, it's a paradise for those looking to escape and unwind.

  4. Local Olive Farms Delve into the world of olive oil production by visiting a local farm. Learn about the process, taste the freshest oils, and even partake in harvesting if you visit during the right season.

    Olive trees
    Olive trees

  5. Fethiye's Hidden Eateries Move away from the bustling center and discover local eateries tucked away in Fethiye's alleys. Sample authentic dishes like 'köy ekmeği' (village bread) or 'çılbır' (poached eggs with yogurt) that many tourists might miss.

  6. Traditional Craft Workshops Engage with the local artisans by attending workshops on traditional crafts. Whether it's pottery, rug weaving, or jewelry-making, immerse yourself in the rich culture of Fethiye.

  7. Eşen River Kayaking Swap the sea for the river and paddle down the serene Eşen River. As you navigate its gentle waters, enjoy the sights of lush landscapes and local wildlife.

In the end, Fethiye is not just about its famous landmarks but also about its hidden corners that carry tales waiting to be heard. So, the next time you find yourself in this beautiful coastal town, tread the paths less traveled, and let Fethiye's secrets enchant you.

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