Do not miss these places

When visiting Fethiye, there are certain culinary experiences not to be missed. The Fethiye Fish Market, known as "Balık Pazarı", is a renowned seafood market in Fethiye, Turkey. It offers a variety of fresh seafood, including local specialties like hamsi (anchovies) and barbun (Mediterranean red snapper). Visitors can select seafood directly from market stalls and have it cooked at nearby restaurants. The market's vibrant atmosphere, enhanced by the presence of musicians in high season, makes it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

For those seeking a quick, flavorful meal, Cezayir Usta Döner is the go-to place. This establishment offers a variety of kebaps, including the popular döner, a Turkish specialty.

For a more secluded dining experience, Ada Restaurant on Sovalye Island is perfect. Accessible by a short water taxi ride, this restaurant provides a tranquil setting with no roads or vehicles, ideal for a romantic dinner.

Lastly, for an unforgettable evening, consider the Fethiye Sunset Moonlight Cruise. This cruise combines a scenic tour of Fethiye Bay with a barbecue dinner cooked right in front of you, offering a unique way to experience the local cuisine and stunning views.

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